Homes for Sale in the Bridlemile Neighborhood

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  • If a map displays, click on any green icon to view details about the home.
  • No map? You can search by zip codes 97221 and 97239 for homes in the Bridlemile neighborhood.
  • This Zip Code Map is easy to use. Click on a Portland neighborhood or community and the map will display the zip code(s) for the area.

Apple Mobile Devices

Note that the map will not display on most common browsers (e.g., Safari, Chrome, Firefox) on Apple mobile devices (iPhone and iPad) as these devices do not support Flash and Javascript. Instead of the map displaying you will be presented with a search tool where you can search by city or zip code along with other parameters.

Other Information

  • To determine a property exposure to landslides and earthquakes, insert the address of the property into the LIDAR system.
  • Click here to view a video tutorial about the SpatialMatch search system.
  • Your feedback about the SpatialMatch system is welcome by emailing