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Starting in December 2011 the Moving to Portland newsletter housing market newsletter comes out in mid- month after we received the Regional Market Listing Service (RMLS) Market Action report. Prior to that date we published the newsletter at the beginning of each month.

The monthly Moving to Portland newsletter is a summary report of home prices. The numbers are obtained from the detailed RMLS Market Action report that we also made available to subscribers. We also report other metro area housing news, monthly weather data, local mortgage  numbers, and community news.


The Market Action report is a detailed report with numerous charts. Starting in 2012 the summary newsletter title reflects the month in which the data on the housing market is released from RMLS (e.g., The title of the January 2012 report — January 2012 Newsletter — shows the housing data from January 2012.) In order to delivered the latest housing market statistics to subscribers, the Moving to Portland Metro Area Housing Market newsletter will be emailed ASAP after the RMLS report is available.