For any company that works with clients, IP telephony is considered the most effective channel of communication. Integration of telephony with CRM-systems provides many opportunities to accelerate the operator’s work and improve the quality of customer service. Read more about this symbiosis in this article.

Modern CRM systems allow not only to automate business processes and activities of the company. Thanks to integration with additional services, it is possible to facilitate and accelerate the work of personnel, while maintaining productivity and quality. Integration of IP-telephony into CRM closes a lot of problems of interaction between manager and client. But you don`t need it if you order reliable custom software development company USA.


Telephony selection and setup

Modern CRM systems support work with popular virtual telephony services – Binotel, Webitel, Phonet, Avaya, Cisco Finesse, Asterisk, etc. It is worth keeping in mind that not all the add-ons to the CRM are free. Some solutions are purchased by subscription, some on a one-time basis. You need to get acquainted with the company’s tariffs and decide on the choice. After choosing the service and tariff plan is the integration of IP-telephony in the CRM-system.

The main difference between tariff plans is the number of lines to receive calls, as well as how many virtual numbers will be connected in a single network. The more numbers and lines, the more expensive the rate. Often, a company purchases one number of each mobile operator and one number of a landline. A toll-free number for incoming calls from all over Russia can be added at your request.

Accelerating the work of the sales department

There is no need to make unnecessary gestures and notebooks or spreadsheets to contact the client. It’s enough to find a contact in the CRM database and dial a number, which saves a lot of time. All the necessary information about the customer is in his profile, created by the system. From the card you can quickly find out the name, contact phone numbers, place of work and position. This allows you to personalize a call and address the customer according to his status.

The CRM system stores the entire history of communications with the client. The information will help facilitate the interaction and allow you to select the best strategy to achieve the desired result. Integration of IP-telephony into CRM will increase the effectiveness of cold and warm calls.

Since each client in the CRM is recorded by a manager, unfair competition among colleagues in the form of poaching “other people’s” clients is eliminated. Incoming calls can be routed to a personal managerTelephony in Bitrix24

Contact center analytics

Detailed analytics are provided in convenient graphical dashboards that can be customized individually. The system records the number of calls received by the operator and their duration. The number of successful and problematic calls is also taken into account. The CRM allows the implementation of a feedback assessment of operators by customers. After realization of a call to collect statistics and summarize the results of the work the client puts the rating. Ultimately, the integration of CRM allows you to optimize the contact center to reduce labor costs.

Increased customer loyalty

Everyone, at least once in their life, has called the “hotline” to the technical support or helpdesk. Immediately after dialing the number, you are connected to an answering machine. Then you listen to a long welcoming speech and select the necessary item from the voice menu. Sometimes you may miss the necessary option or not understand the name of the section, then you have to listen to the answering machine recording again. Even if you choose the right option the first time, you will spend long minutes waiting for a connection to the operator with soothing music in the tube. It’s not uncommon for a customer not to endure a long wait, to abandon the phone and the company as a whole, disappointed not in the product, but in the quality of service.

Thanks to the integration of CRM with the PBX, the customer does not need to listen to a voice menu or specify an extension.  The system takes into account the data about the client during his call and immediately connects him to the responsible manager. This scheme makes it possible to promptly consult with the client and solve his problems.A single window of the contact center operator in the CRM bpm’online