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SpatialMatch for Desktops/Laptops and Quick Search for Mobile Devices

I have two different search systems for visitors to use — one for desktops and laptops (SpatialMatch) and another one for mobile devices like Smartphones and Tablets (I called this one Quick Search). On both you can save your searches and receive new listings that match the criteria in which you saved your search. You can also save your favorite listings so you can share these with friends and family — when viewing a listing click on the heart shape ♥ to save. Once you register by job postings near me giving your name and email address, you can save searches and favorites quickly by just giving your email address.

The desktop/laptop is called SpatialMatch and it is map-based. This means you can do a search using a mouse or a pointing device (device class including trackpoints and trackballs). In other words you don’t have to use the keyboard. However it only works on desktops, laptops and some Android mobile devices since it requires the device to be configured with Adobe Flash and Java. You cannot install Flash or Java on Apple mobile devices. So Apple mobile device users will not see the map but it will display a “fill in the fields” screen (i.e., Quick Search).

Note that you can use Quick Search on both mobile devices as well as desktops/laptops.

SpatialMatch for Desktops/Laptops

SpatialMatch® is a real-time interactive geo-spatial search platform that delivers a totally new way to search for real estate online. Every aspect of the search process is conducted on the map, creating a fluid user experience.

Through the innovative Lifestyle Search System, you can visually see the relational perspective between all things important in your real estate decision making process. SpatialMatch is embedded into the Moving to Portland®  website and gives consumers a way to research all aspects of areas and neighborhoods including a lifestyle search that helps you create a file of what’s important in your day-to-day life. For example, if you want to live in a specific school district, they can select and search for homes using that as a choice. If you want to live within 10 miles of your work, you can enter that address and any others as custom addresses and include them in the search. Or if you want to stop at a coffee shop every morning and want it within a certain number of miles of their home, you can choose that as well.

SpatialMatch has over 125 different databases feeding information into the matches and continues to integrate new data monthly. The Portland metro area multi-list system (RMLS) has an IDX agreement with SpatialMatch®, that allows the Moving to Portland site to populate area listings within those geographic ranges based on the consumer’s selected lifestyle choices.

The platform is built on deep levels of data, including for-sale homes, historic ‘sold’ data, 60+ million not-for-sale houses, 130,000+ schools and universities, 12+ million businesses, demographics and statistical data, and much more.

Click here to view a video tutorial about the SpatialMatch Search system.

Creating an Account

Setting up an account allows you full access to all the features of my LifeStyle Home Search, including customized mapping, saved searches and personal preferences. When new homes come on the market that match the parameters in your saved searches you will receive an email alert about the listing.

Support for SpatialMatch Using a Mobile Device and Desktop Browser

Note that the map will not display on most common browsers (e.g., Safari, Chrome, Opera) on mobile devices such as an iPhone and iPad as most mobile devices do not support Flash and Java. Also the Firefox browser will n работа в москве ot display the map on desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. Android devices may work if configured with Flash and Java.

Instead of the map displaying you will be presented with a text-based search tool (Mobile Search) where you can search by neighborhood, city or zip code(s) along with other parameters.

Browsers such as Chrome, Opera, Safari, and Internet Explorer will display the SpatialMatch map on desktops and laptops.

There are some Web browsers that you can download from the Apple iTunes store that display the map. The Puffin browser is the most popular.

  • Puffin Web Browser supports flash player on the iPad and iPhone. With the help of cloud servers, Puffin Web Browser brings the desktop web browsing experience to tablets and smartphones. It renders the full versions of Web pages quickly and reliably and also supports Flash with solid performance on iPads and iPhones. You can download it free from the Apple iTunes store. Over 700 reviews with a four star rating.

Links to Searches Using SpatialMatch

On each neighborhood profile page I have set up different searches that will display the homes currently for sale in the neighborhood. Each of the searches will notify you of what devices are capable of displaying the homes. The zip code search will work on any device.

Quick Search for Mobile Devices

Quick Search is a feature-rich search tool for mobile devices with a ‘responsive design’!

Quick Search is simple to use yet it delivers a big result. Just fill in the fields, hit enter and you’ll see the results — a map showing the listings plus details about the property. You can search by city, neighborhood, or Zip code plus other parameters such as price, size, and number of bedrooms. You can search by address, MLS number, and keywords (e.g., New Construction, LEED, etc.).

Quick Search has proprietary algorithms to populate boundaries with demographics for just the footprint of the boundary. What that means: the demographics for our shapes like neighborhoods, school districts, school attendance zones etc… represent the demographics for just the neighborhood (and not the entire zip code). That makes your application far more accurate and enlightening for your search.

Setting up an account allows you full access to all the features, including saving favorite homes. When new homes come on the market that match the parameters in your saved searches you will receive an email alert about the listing. And once your account is created all you have to do is enter your email address to save favorites and searches.

Links to Searches Using Quick Search

  • Homes for Sale
  • Homes for Sale under $400,000
  • Luxury Homes for Sale in the Portland Metro Area
  • Green Homes for Sale


Making Certain You Receive New Listings

Add to your email address book if you elect to open an account (only name, email address, and user name/password required) have new listings sent to you as this will ensure that your email provider will always recognize messages from us.

Other Information

  • To determine a property exposure to landslides and earthquakes, insert the address of the property into the LIDAR system.
  • Your feedback about the search systems is welcome by emailing

Need a Realtor?

If you are currently working with a Realtor, I suggest you contact him or her to view any home listing you find using our Search for Homes tools. If you are not working with a Realtor, I can assist you in finding and purchasing a home.

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