New Homes in the Portland Metro Area

Many of the builders of new homes in the Portland metro area do not list their homes in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), therefore you can never find them when searching the MLS website.  As a service to our visitors, we have created this “New Homes” page.

Please be aware that we can help you with finding a new home from builders and advising you on neighborhoods, communities, schools, etc.  If you’re interested in a new home, call Shelli at (503) 497-5061 or send an email to Shelli.

New Homes Guide

The OregonLive website has a New Homes Guide page with links to many of the builders and developments in the metro area.  OregonLive is affiliated with The Oregonian, the state’s largest newspaper.

The Oregonian issues a monthly supplement called New Home Monthly every month.  It is issued by the Advertising Department but still full of useful information about new homes.  Some of the stories are available online.

New Home Builders Rating by J.D. Power


For over 10 years, the J.D. Power survey has measured customer satisfaction in 24 U.S. building markets. Portland-area builders as well as Seattle builders are not included in the J.D. Power new home builders rating.  You can view the ratings for home builders that offer their services in multiple locations to get an idea of how these builders are ranked.

They also rate appliances, home sellers, home mortgage service, and home insurance companies.  Visit the J.D. Power and Associates Web site.

Wilsonville Village in the Woods

Costa Pacific Communities is currently master planning Villebois, a “Smart Growth” European-inspired village envisioned for 500 acres at the site of the former Dammasch State Hospital in Wilsonville,


Oregon. The new community has been named Villebois, which means “village near the woods,” to draw on the area’s French Prairie history and inspiration from the charming villages of Europe. Villebois will be pedestrian-friendly and transit-oriented, with connections to the proposed Westside commuter rail, have a mix of uses including a Village Center with neighborhood shops, numerous parks, trails and open spaces, and appealing architecture featuring a variety of single-family and multifamily housing options.

Villebois began taking formal shape in late September 2004 with the groundbreaking of an 850-house, $250 million project called Arbor Custom Homes at Villebois.  That project, being developed by Arbor Custom Homes and its parent company, West Hills Development, will be broken into several phases expected to take place during the next six years. The first phase calls for construction of 40 fully detached single-family houses, 20 townhouses and a large park. Eventually, Arbor Custom Homes and West Hills will develop 159 acres of the property.

Western Suburbs

  • Centex Homes  Centex builds homes in over 20 USA states.  In the Portland area, Centex builds in Western suburbs (Aloha, Beaverton, and Hillsboro). They build condos and townhomes.
  • Legends Homes  A builder in suburban areas (Beaverton, Hillsboro, and Lake Forest), Legends builds single family detached and townhomes.  Prices for townhomes begin at $140’s – the townhomes are located in the Orenco (Hillsboro) area and near the light rail (MAX).  Single family detached homes begin at $290’s.
  • Orenco Station  Located in Hillsboro, Orenco is a planned community offering a mix of homes (rowhouses, lofts, condos, cottages, etc.).  There are a number of restaurants, shops and services available in the neighborhood.  Orenco Station is right on the light rail line and a new shopping area is part of the complex.  This includes a quality food store called New Seasons Market.
  • Stone Bridge Homes Northwest  An Oregon builder that builds in the western suburbs to include Forest Grove, Lake Oswego, Tigard, and Wilsonville.  They also have projects in Bend and Eugene.

Renaissance Homes


Renaissance Homes  One of the most successful builders in the Portland metro area. In the boom period of home building Renaissance usually had 4-5 sites they are developing. Renaissance is a leader in green building and builds all of their homes PGE Earth Advantage Certified. Today they mainly do infills and have 1-2 developments underway. They have custom homes for sale in Oregon, including West Linn, Lake Oswego and Portland as well as new homes for sale in the Puget Sound area of Seattle, Washington.

Since early 2003, Renaissance Homes has built all of their homes in the Portland metro and Vancouver/Clark County areas with an exterior cladding system that is known as Rain Screen.  Rain Screen is a moisture management system incorporating cladding, an air cavity to allow for vertical venting behind the siding, a drainage plane, and an airtight support wall to offer multiple moisture-shedding pathways. Rain Screens diminish the forces attempting to drive moisture into a wall.

Builders With Multiple Locations

  • Arbor Custom Homes  They usually have 6-8 projects underway and most are on the Westside and Southwest side of Portland.
  • DeCal Custom Homes  DeCal founder Calvin Baty is co-owner and CEO of Decal Custom Homes of St Helens Oregon. HisMom, Carolyn Baty, is President. The Decal Family and their partner, John Schleining and his family, jointly own the company.  They claim that 48 percent of Decal’s homes are pre-sold.  DeCal had projects in West Linn, Gresham, Sandy, Forest Grove, McMinnville, Happy Valley, Lafayette, and Portland.
  • D·R·Horton  One of America’s largest developers, DR Horton usually is building and selling from 10-15 sites in the Portland metro area. Their developments are usually in the western and southwestern suburbs as well as Vancouver, Washington.  Communities include  Beaverton, Forest Grove, Sherwood, Tigard, and West Linn. They also had sites in the Vancouver area.
  • J.C. Reeves  Reeves is a builder of homes all over Portland as well as Salem, Oregon.  They also have projects in Vancouver, Washington.  Projects include these communities:  Clackamas, Cedar Mill and Miller Crossing (NW Portland), Mt. Scott, Sherwood, Tualatin, West Linn, Wilsonville, and Vancouver.  Their prices range from $200s in Sherwood to $800s in Northwest Portland.
  • Riverside Homes  Riverside builds homes in Oregon and Washington.  Riverside has developments in just about every part of the Portland metro area to include Beaverton, East Portland, Hillsboro, Sherwood, and Vancouver (Washington).  Riverside builds single family detached homes.  Many of Riverside’s homes are certified Earth Advantage meaning they are at least 15 percent more energy-efficient than Oregon code requires.
  • Stone Bridge Homes Northwest  An Oregon builder that builds in the suburban communities that include Forest Grove, Lake Oswego, Tigard, and Wilsonville.  They also have projects in Bend and Eugene.

Building a Green House in the Portland Metro Area

Earth Advantage® has over 30 builders and remodelers listed in the Portland metro area that are Earth Advantage® certified.

Another source for finding both builders and architects/designers who have actual experience with green buildings is to attend the annual Built It Green (BIG) tour of homes sponsored by the City of Portland Office of Sustainability. The Build It Green! Home Tour and Information Fair is a self-guided tour of 20 plus green remodels and new homes around the Portland metropolitan area. Start and stop where and when you choose. The event takes place every September.

Chat with homeowners, designers, do-it-yourselfers and contractors about solar panels, ecoroofs (green roofs), rainwater harvesting, natural landscaping, affordable housing, water and energy conservation, natural building materials, alternative construction techniques and much more! Pick up some great ideas for your current or future home.

Green Builders

  • Coho Construction They were the contractors for the Rose House which was completed in 2004 (passive solar, fiberglass windows, advance shell design, radiant floor heat, etc.).  Contact is David Heslam.  Phone: 503-407-1780.  CCB 136906.
  • Green Hammer Construction All their new homes are LEED certified. Green Hammers build with 100 percent Forest Stewardship Council-certified or salvaged wood. They try to obtain their materials from within 100 miles of the site.
  • Miranda Homes  This Damascus builder constructs homes that are gold level Earth Advantage certified.
  • Verde Builders   Homes are certified by Energy Star and Earth Advantage.

Infill homes: Neighborhoods want more voice 

stopthedemolitionsignIn a tight housing market, developers found they could make a profitable business by buying homes, tearing them down and building one or more larger houses or apartments on the land. Often these new homes are 2-3 times larger than the home that was removed.

Demolitions in the city spiked in recent years. The city of Portland saw 275 approved home demolition permits in 2013, 43 percent higher than the previous peak in 2007. The latest round of demolitions was highly concentrated in parts of Southeast, Northeast and North Portland. 

With a rising tide of home demolitions in favor of larger, more expensive houses or multifamily developments, neighbors and activists are concerned about the erosion of the urban fabric. Objections have risen in each of the city’s five “quadrants,” prompting the City Council to consider imposing a 120-day delay in demolitions in some situations.

As part of the growing conversation about the trend, a website calling itself The Portland Chronicle has become a reliable catalog of demolition applications. The site names the applicants, the ages of the houses to be demolished, sale price history, portfolios of designers and the stage of the city review process.

Portland City Council Approved Changes to Residential Demolition Process

On February 18, 2015, the Portland City Council approved amendments to the City’s Building Regulations contained in Title 24, Building Regulations, that changed delay and notification requirements for demolition permits and created a new Major Residential Alterations and Additions permit category with notification and delay requirements. These change were made to address the growing neighborhood outrage about the increasing number of infill projects.

Effective Monday, April 20, 2015, Residential Demolition Permits to require:

  • Mandatory 35-day delay prior to the permit issuance, with a possible 60-day extension through an appeal process to allow neighbors to react to demolitions.
  • The City will mail a notice to all properties within 150 feet of the project site and to recognized organizations, Architectural Heritage Center and Restore Oregon, at the beginning of the 35-day delay period.
  • Door hangers will be posted by the property owner or representative on abutting homes at least 5 days prior to demolition.
  • New Certification Regarding Asbestos and Lead-Based Paint Form will be completed by the applicant and submitted to BDS prior to permit issuance. 

Detailed information on the application and implementation of the residential demolition permit changes will be available on the Bureau of Development Services website on Friday, April 17, 2015.

Here are some builders who specialize in infill homes:

  • Bluestone Homes  They have been in business for close to 15 years. Most of their projects are on the eastside.
  • Geo A. Zifcak & Co. Builders.  Telephone (503) 255-9119.
  • Intex Construction  Located at 7235 Bonita Road, Tigard, OR 97224.  Telephone (503) 452-3780.
  • Oregon Home Works  They have a number of projects in the works around Portland.  You can view the available inventory at their website to see which might work for you. Also, be sure to visit the Custom Homes page to learn how Oregon Home Works can build the perfect home from the ground up.
  • Terrafirma Building  Located at 4303 N. Albina Avenue.  Telephone (503) 282-2271.
  • Skye Homes  Bruce McIntosh has been building ‘Arts & Crafts’ style houses in southwest Portland for several years.  All of their homes are Energy Star, certified by third-party inspectors.

 Living Smart House Program

The Living Smart Project  Recently the City of Portland has witnessed growth in the popularity of affordable homes built on the small in-fill lots. In a number of neighborhoods, where the typical development occurred on 5,000 square foot lots, the underlying historic plat and zoning regulations allowed in-fill development on 25-foot wide by 100-foot deep parcels. Built on these narrow lots, 15-foot wide houses have become important in meeting the City’s need for entry-level single-family homes. The Living Smart Project arose from growing neighborhood opposition to in-fill development that appeared out of scale with the surrounding neighborhood and triggered the demolition of existing houses. 

On June 30, 2011, the Living Smart House Program was suspended due to contract limitations. The City contracts allowing the Bureau of Development Services (BDS) to use Permit Ready Plan sets as part of the Living Smart House Program could not be extended. At this time, BDS does not have the resources to go back through the open and competitive process necessary to reestablish “Permit Ready” plan sets.