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Welcome to our website about the Portland, Oregon, metropolitan area. It’s our way of helping you become acquainted with the neighborhoods and communities of the Portland metro area and to inform you about the Portland area housing market. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome. 

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Portland Spring Home and Garden Show February 22-25

20 February — Whether your home improvement project is large — you need to hire professionals — or small — you can do it yourself in an hour — the Portland Spring Home & Garden Show is a good place to gather ideas, information and sources. In the halls of the Portland Expo Center Feb. 22-25, you’ll find home products and solutions to add more space; upgrade cabinets, counters, appliances and fixtures; and improve energy efficiency with new windows, doors, insulation and climate control systems, according to show producers with the Home Builders Association of Metropolitan Portland. Members of the Professional Remodelers Organization and landscapers and garden experts will be there to answer questions. There will also be display gardens and more than 300 local companies offering products and services.  Read more… 

Six modern modular homes in Colorado

23 February — From repurposed shipping containers to cabin retreats, we look at a range of prefabricated, modular homes in Colorado. Boasting a thrilling topography that ranges from deep canyons to alpine mountains, and arid plains to rolling dunes, the state of Colorado offers an equally broad variety of modern, weather-appropriate prefab homes. Here, we review some of our favorite modular homes in this outdoorsy destination.  Read more… 

Apartment construction is drying up. Is affordable housing measure to blame?

20 February — Portland’s apartment-building binge appears to be headed off a cliff. Applications for new housing developments have nearly ground to a halt over the past year, and there are plenty of reasons for that. Construction costs have ballooned, as have land prices. The glut of new construction, meanwhile, has taken the wind out of rising rents, at least at the high end. But Portland officials are increasingly worried the city’s inclusionary zoning policy, which compels developers to set aside rent-restricted units in large apartment and condo projects, might be playing a role, too. And if home construction dries up, it could ultimately push housing costs even higher.  Read more… 


With new building, Oregon State wants its Newport campus to come out of its shell

23 February — For more than 50 years, Oregon State has had an unassuming outpost on a spit of land near the mouth of Newport’s Yaquina Bay. Much of the university’s coastal campus looks like an aging high school, with its bunker-like hallways and drab wood roofing. But inside its walls is an internationally known marine laboratory that is an invaluable asset to the coast’s second largest city and its commercial fishing industry. Often overlooked statewide, Oregon State’s research center is poised for the most significant construction project in the coastal campus’ history. OSU breaks ground March 15 on a $58 million new building at its Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport. The new marine studies center represents a dramatic increase in space, resources and ambition that the school hopes will result in a similar jolt in interest in the fate of the ocean, marine life and coastal communities.  Read more…

Portland General Electric seeks 4.8% rate increase

23 February — Portland General Electric wants to hike rates by an average of 4.8 percent in 2019 — a number that would likely be a lot bigger if it weren’t for the lower federal tax rate that kicked in this year. PGE (NYSE: POR) said it expects to pay $84.8 million in federal income taxes in 2019, a hefty drop from the $153.1 million tax bill it anticipated for this year before the federal corporate tax rate was sliced from 35 percent to 21 percent.  Read more…

Oregon’s effort to restore net neutrality moves forward

23 February — Oregon lawmakers moved ahead this week with legislation that seeks to undercut federal action on net neutrality. They advanced a bill that would bar the state from contracting with internet companies that violate the principles of an open internet. Even if the bill passes, though, it may turn out to be a merely symbolic effort. Net neutrality is the concept that internet providers should treat all online traffic equally. Proponents of an open internet fear service providers may charge extra for access to certain sites, or throttle connection speeds to some sites unless those sites – or customers – pay extra.  Read more…

Oregon Senate passes bill to strip guns from stalkers, abusers

23 February — A bill to strip gun rights from convicted stalkers and intimate partners convicted of abuse passed the Senate 16 to 13 Thursday, Feb. 22. The legislation goes to Gov. Kate Brown who says she intends to sign it into law. Brown urged U.S. lawmakers to enhance protections against gun violence nationwide in the wake of a deadly mass shooting Feb. 14 at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. The latest in a string of attacks on U.S. schools has sparked unprecedented demonstrations across the country for stronger gun laws. “Now’s the time to enact real change, and I’m encouraged to see students in Oregon and across the nation engaged and joining the call for gun safety legislation,” Brown said in a statement. “It’s long past time we hold the White House, Congress, and legislators accountable.”  Read more…

White House praises experimental Oregon mileage tax

23 February — White House officials praised Oregon this week for its experimental road usage tax, indicating in the process that President Trump may explore taking the tax nationwide to help pay for his proposed road improvement projects. The tax the White House applauded charges drivers based on miles driven, not gallons of gas burned. Volunteers for the pilot program pay 1.7 cents per mile they drive, then get a rebate on gas taxes paid at the pump. Fewer than 700 Oregonians were signed up for the program as of last year. Trump administration officials hailed the tax as innovative in the annual Economic Report of the President, published Wednesday. The report, written by the president’s Council of Economic Advisers, said Oregon’s experiment offers “tangible evidence” that a pay-per-mile system could be a “promising alternative” to traditional gas taxes.  Read more…

Don’t freak over the snow. Oregon needs this.

21 February — Alarmed by the snow dumping on Portland this week? Don’t complain: Oregon needs this. The state has seen a mild and dry winter—leaving the Cascade mountains with a much smaller snowpack than it collected last year. Maps compiled by the National Water and Climate Center show the “snow water equivalent” in the Willamette Valley is around 122.5 inches—43 percent of what it normally is. It’s also much less than last year when the SWE in the Willamette Valley was around 324.7 inches—143 percent of normal. That meager snowpack could have lasting implications, says Evan Bentley, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service.  Read more… 

A fight over the height of the Portland skyline is raging 

21 February — A skyscraper backlash is rising. Stanley Penkin, a transplanted New Yorker who lives on the fourth floor of Cosmopolitan on the Park, the tallest condo building in the Pearl District, is on the front lines. He and his wife, Susanne, have a panoramic view: dogs cavorting in the Fields Park, sailboats rolling down the Willamette River, and the graceful arches of the Fremont Bridge. But soon, if developers and city planners have their way, a 17-story glass-and-concrete tower will partly block Penkin’s view of the bridge.  Read more… 

Oregon still below average for students passing Advanced Placement exams

21 February — Oregon high schools remain below the national average when it comes to helping students prepare for and pass Advanced Placement tests, an important marker of college readiness, the College Board reported Wednesday. Nationwide, 23 percent of public school students in the class of 2017 earned at least a 3 on an AP exam during high school, the test outfit said. Most colleges, including the University of Oregon and Oregon State, award credits to incoming students who earn at least a 3 or a 4 on AP’s five-point grading scale for the challenging exams. But in Oregon, just 18 percent of students who graduated in 2017 scored a 3 or better on an AP test.  Read more…