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Welcome to our website about the Portland, Oregon, metropolitan area. It’s our way of helping you become acquainted with the neighborhoods and communities of the Portland metro area and to inform you about the Portland area housing market. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome. 

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Behold Rock-Star Architect Kengo Kuma’s Love Song to Oregon Forests

22 March — Kuma’s expansion project—launched in 2011 and entailing close partnership with the Garden’s curator and master craftsman Sadafumi Uchiyama—adds three buildings and three gardens (a bonsai terrace among them), all clustered near a new entrance point to the Garden’s nine-acre swath of Washington Park. Says Kuma, “Japanese gardens play a big role in busy environments. They can introduce a new way of thinking, a particular philosophy of contemplation, and deep connection to nature.”   Read more…  

Portland’s Hottest Hoods: Which One Is for You?

23 March —Right now, your typical Kerns resident is unmarried, often foot-powered, hovering around 33 years old, and probably renting a Craftsman house or heritage apartment near NE 28th’s Restaurant Row. (For buyers, this zone is competitive: houses sold this past year in a lickety-split average of 12 days.) Prepare for those singleton stats to hold but the area’s concept of what “home” looks like to shift seismically as multistory Burnside Bridgehead projects like the Aura and the Slate come on the market, along with the Goat Blocks complex and future Burnside Delta and 5 MLK in nearby Buckman.  Read more…

Snapchat emerges as a new way to sell real estate

21 March — If you’re currently on the hunt for a house to buy or an apartment to rent, the search can be onerous. By now, you’ve probably viewed multiple properties in person. There’s a chance you may have bid on one, maybe even a few. Are multiple house-hunting websites bookmarked on your computer? There are others like you out there. So what if you could skip the open houses, the tours, the hours searching online? And what if something delivered to you each weekday a fresh set of houses, newly listed within the last few days? Even better: You wouldn’t have to leave home, with the ability to watch video walk-throughs straight from your phone. Would you use it? Read more…

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Downtown Portland on the 4th of July, 2016, taken by Scott Gowdy from the east bank of the Willamette River.


The Future of Portland’s Skyline Is Made of Wood. Yes, Wood.

23 March — High-rise construction sites don’t usually smell particularly good. But this winter, at the nearly finished building called Carbon12 at the corner of North Williams and Fremont, a resinous, boreal aroma exuded from more than 290 tons of Doug fir, spruce, and pine that will frame the building’s eight stories. Redevelopment has transformed that east-side intersection and its neighborhood in recent years. New multistory, mixed-use buildings now march along, flanking busy car, bike, and bus traffic on Williams. The woodsy aura, however, marks the 85-foot-tall Carbon12 as something different, arguably even revolutionary: part of a new generation of timber-based structures that promise a more sustainable, seismically resilient way to build—and a new economic catalyst for Oregon, a state split between booming, rebuilding Portland and stagnating rural timber towns.  Read more… 

Oregon pot shops can keep your info; Senate wants to change that

22 March —SALEM — A proposal to shield the names, birthdates, driver’s license numbers or any other identifying information of potentially thousands of recreational pot customers cleared its first major hurdle at the Oregon Legislature this week amid worries over a federal marijuana crackdown. Senate Bill 863 — a proposal from the 10-member bipartisan committee that crafts Oregon’s marijuana policies– cleared the Senate on Tuesday and heads to the House for consideration.  Read more… 

Portland teens’ solar device gives electricity to homeless

18 March — Brittany Bright flips a small white switch on a gray metal box and a warm glow radiates through the dark Hazelnut Grove library. Bright can finally enjoy a late night paging through the well-worn novels of science fiction writer Octavia Butler — her favorite author.
The library is an escape from life in the homeless village, an ornate wooden shed donated by neighbors, but the glass doors don’t let in enough light to read on cloudy days or after the sun sets. Read more…

High Hopes: The Journey of John F. Kennedy

16 March — One hundred years after his birth, and more than a half-century after his shocking death, John Fitzgerald Kennedy remains a subject of endless fascination for millions of Americans. The youngest president ever elected, Kennedy’s 1,037 day administration was marked by great hope as well as great tension. How he reached the White House is a story of both privilege and determination. The second-born son of a rich and influential father, Kennedy’s rise to power may be seen as inevitable, but his ascension was hard fought as he persevered through severe health problems and religious discrimination. Read more…

16 Places in Portland to Drink Coffee Right Now

16 March — Everything to love and parody about Portland swirls in a Coava cup. Never have you seen people more jazzed about the intricacies of soil management. Alice Waters might blush at the company’s farmer hero worship. Owner Matt Higgins grows 30-plus varieties of coffee plants around his office, just to study their agronomy. His goal: to extract every fruity, racy nuance from the single-origin beans. Order a pour-over—hot water theatrically slow-dripped over grounds, twinkling beautifully through a house-made metal cone. Ask for milk if you dare. Read more…

‘The road is gone’: Landslide partially buries car, closes West Burnside

16 March — West Burnside is expected to remain closed Wednesday night and all day Thursday to clear more than 300 yards of landslide debris and assess the threat of further slides, the Portland Bureau of Transportation said. West Burnside is closed between Northwest Skyline Boulevard and Southwest Barnes Road near the Mount Calvary Cemetery. Scott Luther looked out his car window and saw the hillside start to move.  Luther, husband Jason Baughman and Baughman’s coworker Tyler Baker were driving along West Burnside Street on their Wednesday morning commute when the hillside above West Burnside Street slid into the roadway. Read more…