Guide to the Bridlemile Neighborhood in Portland, Oregon

BridlemileNA_LogoBridlemile is a Southwest Portland neighborhood in the West Hills. Bridlemile borders the Portland neighborhoods of Hayhurst, Hillsdale, Healy Heights and Southwest Hills. The Portland city boundary runs through the neighborhood (aligned with SW Thomas Street) such that the southern part of the neighborhood is within Portland proper, but the northern portion is unincorporated Multnomah County. The portion within Portland city limits extends into Washington County in two places (along Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway, and along Hamilton Road).

View a map of the Bridlemile neighborhood.

This is a neighborhood of “Can Do” people, so if “involvement” is your motivation, you will fit right in. The best proof of the neighborhood involvement is to visit the Bridlemile website by clicking here. Note all the activities in the community.

The Bridlemile Community Outreach Committee is dedicated to bringing neighbors together through social events such as picnics and potlucks and by helping promote neighborhood communication, projects, and a sense of place and history.

A few years ago, some of the Bridlemile neighborhood residents got concerned about their environment and formed Bridlemile Creek Stewards. The Stewards have successfully initiated and carried out a number of restoration projects. They have cleared over four acres, including more than 2000 feet of stream bank, and saved over 200 trees from ivy infestations. They planted over 7,700 native plants, installed erosion control and held four annual Southwest Portland Neighborhood Stream Festivals in 1999-2002.

Because of the success of these projects, they received a Community Service award from SOLV and were nominated for the Tualatin Riverkeepers Green Heron Award in 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2003.

Origin of the Name Bridlemile

Jack and Ruth Powell were early landowners in the area. Ruth Powell explained that in 1947 her husband, Jack, was looking for property in Portland with enough acreage to build a home and garden. They planned to develop the property and needed a name for it. One night, before they moved to the area, Ruth Powell was brushing her teeth and thinking about the land. She thought, “Bridlemile, that is it.”

Schools in the Bridlemile Neighborhood

Find your school attendance area or a school site and view the boundary area using School Locator. Read how to use the interactive map by clicking on the “Information” icon (circle with an “i” in the center).

The Bridlemile neighborhood has one of the best elementary schools in the Portland District as judged by their annual report card. The Bridlemile Elementary School has consistently received an “Exceptional” rating on the Oregon Report card rating system.

The school grounds, because of the large size, function as a neighborhood gathering place. It has two baseball diamonds which serve as an extension of Hamilton Park, a 10-acre park with green space and a renovated play structure.

The photo above was taken by Victor von Salza and shows kids playing soccer at Hamilton Park. Victor has more community photos at the Bridlemile Flickr website.

Bridlemile Home Styles

Many of the homes in Bridlemile were built in the 50s, 60s, and early 70s and the styles include ranch, split levels, and contemporary. A number of new homes were built in the 2000s. If you’re looking for a single level home in the woods, you’re sure to find one in Bridlemile.

Portland Monthly Magazine Guide to Neighborhoods

PDXMonthlyMag_April2014In their April issue every year, the Portland Monthly Magazine features the past year home prices along with information about Portland neighborhoods and suburban communities. To read the magazine’s latest stories and numbers visit the Real Estate section. 

We urge you to purchase the print copy of the magazine even though the website offers more details about a neighborhood or community because the print copy has a handy fold-out that you can read and use as a reference if you’re in the market for a home. The magazine is available in supermarkets, drug stores, etc.  You can subscribe to the magazine and receive a copy (monthly) in the mail.

The numbers on the website, as well as the printed magazine, are divided into four sections (real estate, people, crime, and lifestyle) into each of the Portland 90 plus neighborhoods as well as about 25 suburban communities. The website offers over 50 items of information about each Portland neighborhood and suburban community. 

To view the magazine’s website latest stories and numbers visit their Real Estate section — click on “Neighborhoods” to view the numbers for the Portland neighborhoods and click on “Suburbs” for the numbers on communities in the metro area. 

Portland Neighbors By the Numbers  Note that the item you select displays the year the information is published. For example, if you select “2017 Demographics and Home Prices” the magazine will display “2018 . . .” since that is the year the magazine publishes the 2017 numbers.

Bridlemile Demographics  Below some facts about the Bridlemile neighborhood gleaned from the magazine’s website. A few numbers can tell much about the character of a neighborhood.

  • Renters’ median monthly housing:  $996 in 2017 — price includes estimated utilities
  • Average year homes built in the neighborhood:  1969
  • Percent of residents below poverty level:  9.5%
  • Percent of  neighborhood land area that is in parks:  4%
  • Percent of residents that live within half-mile of a park:  85%
  • Percent of residents that commute by bike or walking:  5.3%

1Bridlemile Home Prices:  2007-2017

  • Number of Homes Sold in Bridlemile—►  76 homes were sold in 2016 and 1% were distressed property sales. 104 homes were sold in 2015 and 3.8% were distressed property sales. 82 homes were sold in 2014 and 5% were distressed property sales. 69 homes were sold in 2013 and 1% were distressed sales.  76 homes were sold in 2012 and 14% were distressed sales. 46 homes were sold in 2011 and 9% of them were distressed sales. 36 homes were sold in 2010 and 8% of them were distressed properties sales.
  • Median Price for Homes Sold in Bridlemile—► $589,000 in 2016, $517,600 in 2015, $486,200 in 2014, $485,000 in 2013, $362,500 in 2012, $395,000 in 2011, $385,500 in 2010, $425,000 in 2009, $460,000 in 2008, and $500,000 in 2007.
  • Average Cost per Square Foot—►  $220 in 2015, $191 in 2014.
  • 1-Year Median Sales Price Change in Bridlemile—►  2016 the change was 15%. 2015 the change was 3.4%. 2014 the change was 34%. 2013 the change was 34%. 2012 the change was -8%. 2011 the change was 2%. 2010 the change was -9%.
  • 5-Year Median Sales Price Change in Bridlemile—►  2012 to 2016 the change was 62%. 2011 to 2015 the change was 46.1%. 2010 to 2014 the change was 4%. 2009 to 2013 the change was 4%. 2008 to 2012 the change was -22%. 2007 to 2011 the change was -21%. 2006 to 2010 the change was -20%.
  • Metro Area Average and Median Home Prices in 2017—►  Average price $379,900 and median price $428,700.  Click here to view prices for previous years.

Please be aware that the above figures are subject to error and are intended as guidelines only. 

Find a Home in the Bridlemile Neighborhood

Homes for Sale in Bridlemile

Parks in Bridlemile

The neighborhood has two parks within its boundaries.

  • Albert Kelly is a 12-acre park that has paths for hikers and runners along with a soccer field and playground. In 2003, thanks to the efforts of the Bridlemile Creek Stewards, volunteers cleared out the blackberries, ivy, and holly from the creek area in the northeast area of the park, and replace them with more appropriate native trees and shrubbery. They planted of hundreds of seedlings to include ponderosa pine, Douglas fir, grand fir, western hemlock, white alder, Oregon white oak and pacific willow. In addition, several varieties of roses, Oregon grape, flowering currants, a Chilean strawberry and other shrubs were planted along the banks of the creek.
  • Hamilton Park (10 acres) has paths, a soccer field, a softball field, and a tennis court.

Bridlemile has 34 acres of parkland and open spaces according to Metro and the Portland Department of Parks and Recreation.

Walking in Bridlemile

The SW Trails Group is a committee of Southwest neighborhoods that uses volunteer efforts to make trail improvements, lead walks, work with Safe Routes to School, plan and advocate for pedestrian and bicycle safety and other improvements in Southwest Portland. Their walks are the second Saturday of each month. You can pick up a free a Southwest Portland Walking Map at the local SWNI Office or download it by clicking on this link PDF format.

Below are a few tours to get you started. The “Browse through Bridlemile” walk with its detailed notes about particular things to see along the route is a winner.

Walk Score helps you find a walkable place to live. Walk Score is a number between 0 and 100 that measures the walkability of any address. Portland is the 14th most walkable city in the U.S. with a Walk Score of 63, a Transit Score of 50 and a Bike Score of 72. There are over 3,000 restaurants and coffee shops in Portland. People in Portland can walk to an average of five restaurants and coffee shops in five minutes.

The Walk Score for the Bridlemile neighborhood is 38, the Transit Score is 30, and the Bike Score is 39.



Walk Score®


out of 100

Bridlemile is the 72nd most walkable neighborhood in Portland.

Find Bridlemile apartments on Walk Score

More About Bridlemile

Learn more about the Bridlemile neighborhood by visiting Portland Maps. The site provides a list of businesses, demographic data, crime stats, parks, schools, aerial photos, maps, elevation, and more for the Southwest Hills neighborhood. All you need is a property address — use “712 SW Hamilton” or an address of your choice.

  • Neighborhood Association Website  Bridlemile has one of the most informative neighborhood websites in the Portland community. Neighborhood residents have close to 100 photos at their Bridlemile Flickr site.
  • Location  Southwest of downtown. Close enough to downtown but still out of the traffic and noise.
  • Bridlemile Boundaries  West: SW Scholls Ferry Road. South: Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway. East: SW Dosch Road. North: SW Patton Road.
  • Map of Bridlemile Boundaries   Bridlemile.
  • 2Drive Time to Downtown  12-13 minutes.
  • Topography  Gentle rolling hills all in a wooded setting.
  • Sidewalks and Streets  It’s easy to get lost in Bridlemile as the winding streets often lead to dead-ends. Very few sidewalks.
  • Public Transportation  Bridlemile does not have access to MAX light rail or the streetcar line. It does have six bus routes in the neighborhood. See TriMet for schedules. Transit Score provides a 0-100 rating indicating how well an address is served by public transportation. Ratings range from “Rider’s Paradises” to areas with limited or no nearby public transportation.
  • Commuting  6.2% of the neighborhood residents commute using public transportation, 1.9% by biking, and 3.9% walk.
  • 32010 Census Demographics  Population: 5,481. Area size: 901 acres. Average population density: 6 persons per acre. Number of households: 2,497. Average size of household: 2.2 persons. Median household income: $91,948. Percent of homeowners: 67. Percent of renters: 33. Families with children: 23.5%. Diversity: 9.8% non-Caucasian. More census data about Bridlemile at Portland Online and City Data.
  • 4Crime Stats  There were 49 property crimes  (assault, arson, burglary, larceny, robbery, theft from auto, vehicle theft) in 2017. There were 11 violent crimes (aggravated assault, homicide, robbery, rape) committed in 2017. There were 13 crimes per 1,000 residents in 2017. Crimes per 1,000 figures are based on reported incidents of violent crime as well as larceny, burglary, and vehicle theft. For the latest crime statistics and historical data for the Bridlemile neighborhood, visit the Portland Police Bureau website.
  • Sex Offenders  Click here for the State of Oregon Sex Offender Inquiry System. After agreeing to the “Conditions of Use Statement” you will be redirected to an “Enter Search Criteria” page. Insert a zip code in the “Zip” field and click on the “Query” button. Bridlemile zip code(s): 97221, 97239.
  • 5Shopping and Services  Number of supermarkets: 1. Number of health clubs: 1. Two large supermarkets exist on the south border of the neighborhood on the Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway: Safeway and Albertsons. The road is a busy one with numerous commercial establishments along it. You can get your car service, haircut, and meet with your Realtor™ if it is a Windermere agent working out of the Raleigh Hills office.
  • Eating Out  The Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway has a couple fast food places and also two noteworthy restaurants. One is the Pepper Tree Thai. An Irish pub sits in the far southwest corner of the neighborhood.
  • Public Library  The neighborhood does not have a public library – the closest one is the Hillsdale Library.
  • Who Lives in Bridlemile  Active people who want to contribute to their community. The median age is 44.
  • Autos in the Neighborhood  I would venture to say that this community has more small cars (including hybrids) per capita than any other neighborhoods in Portland (maybe even in the entire country).
  • 6Biking  Bridlemile has 2.2 miles of bike lanes.

Map of the Bridlemile Neighborhood


1Real Estate Values  Data on real estate values provided by RMLStm. Distressed properties refer to the percentage of total homes sold that were short sales and bank-owned properties. The One Year Median Sale Price Percent Change is based on a comparison of the rolling average sale price for the last 12 months with the 12 months before — this is an example for 2014:  (1/1/2014 – 12/31/2014) with 12 months before (1/1/2013 – 12/31/2015). The Five Year Median Sales Price Percent Change is calculated in the same way using a five-year time span.
2Drive Time to Downtown  Estimated commuting time obtained from Yahoo Maps and Google Maps. Drive time was calculated from a central intersection in each neighborhood to Pioneer Courthouse Square during the morning peak commute time.
3Demographics Data  Numbers were obtained from Census 2010 and
Crime Statistics  Numbers on crime were obtained from the Portland Police Bureau.  The Uniform Crime Reports documents crimes in three categories: Part I, Part II-A, and Part II-B. Part I crimes are classified as either violent or property crimes. Aggravated assault, forcible rape, murder, and robbery are classified as violent while arson, burglary, larceny-theft, and motor vehicle theft are classified as property crimes. Part II-A crimes are drugs, embezzlement, forgery, fraud, prostitution, sex offenses, simple assault, stolen property, vandalism, and weapons.  For the latest crime statistics and historical data for the Portland neighborhoods, visit the Portland Police Bureau website.
5Shopping and Services  Numbers were determined from local directory listings and county/municipal library systems.
6Biking  Quality rating based on the 2007 Cycle Zone Analysis conducted by the City of Portland Office of Transportation. The six-tier ratings have been reduced to three levels: High, Fair, and Low.