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    Welcome to our website about the Portland, Oregon, metropolitan area. It's our way of helping you become acquainted with the neighborhoods and communities of the Portland metro area and to inform you about the Portland area housing market. Your comments and suggestions about the website are always welcome. 

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  • Home Tours 

    May 14:  Restore Oregon tour of seven midcentury homes

    Midcentury modern housing was mind-blowingly different. Even today, people walk into an interior atrium constructed by builders Joseph Eichler or Robert Rummer, and wonder if they're inside or out. Other evolutionary features of suburban dwellings erected during the post-WWII housing boom included kitchen islands for the kids to eat, outlets for a growing number of labor-saving appliances and glass walls that replaced view-blocking solid walls. Still, it's fun to step back into the past and on Saturday, May 14, the nonprofit preservation organization Restore Oregon is making it possible to go inside seven Portland-area homes once dubbed the House of Tomorrow.  Read more...

    July 30-August 28:  Street of Dreams in West Linn

    Looking out over the 63-acre property that will house the 2016 NW Natural Street of Dreams this summer, Gordon Root points to a snow-capped Mount Hood off in the distance. “It’s a great view,” he says. “But the mountain gets in the way.” Root is joking, of course; as it happens, a pristine view of the mountain is just one of many selling points for the five luxury homes being built on property just south of West Linn city limits. The development is called Tumwater at Petes Mountain.  Read more...

    May through August Wednesdays & Thursdays:  Walking Tour of Historic and Architecturally Neighborhoods and Sites

    The Architectural Heritage Center presents walking tours of historic and architecturally significant neighborhoods and sites around Portland, Oregon. From May through August we lead Wednesday and Thursday evening tours, with additional tours on weekends throughout the year. We are also able to provide private group walking tours. If your group is interested in a private tour, contact the AHC for more information. Be advised that all scheduled tours run rain or shine. Our knowledgeable, trained, volunteer guides welcome you to learn more about our area’s history and architecture. Please check out our Events page for the most up-to-date calendar of walking tours and other AHC education programs.  Read more...

    Real Estate News

    How hyperconnected cities are taking over the world

    29 April — In the medieval period, empires battled and colluded with each other in the quest for land. The resulting system, in which nations became the main actors on the global stage, is perhaps the one most of us know best. But it’s changing. We’re now moving toward a new era where insular, political boundaries are no longer as relevant. More and more people are identifying as “global citizens,” and that’s because we’re all more connected than we’ve ever been before. As a result, a “systems change” is taking place in the world today in which cities—not nations—are the key global players, argues Parag Khanna in his new book, Connectography: Mapping the Future of the Global Civilization.   Read more...

    U.S. Custom House buzzing again after WeWork remodel

    29 April — After sitting largely empty for more than a decade, the stately U.S. Custom House on Portland's North Park Blocks is again buzzing with activity. Voices echo throughout the cavernous front lobby. People in common areas play ping pong and foosball. There is beer on tap – free of charge. It can give the feeling of a college dormitory. "It feels like that sometimes, for sure," said David Williams, associate community manager at the first Portland location of WeWork, a New York-based shared office provider.  Read more...


    Portland's revenue os up, but economist warns results are fickle

    1 May — Portland’s budget office is projecting another bump in revenue for the city thanks to a growing economy. The budget office predicts an extra $16 million will be available this year, plus an extra $9 million in ongoing funds. The reason? The cost of health insurance for city employees is growing more slowly than expected, and the city is bringing in more money from hotel taxes and business license taxes. “Portland’s broken out of its little brother status with Seattle, and now it’s becoming a more global city. We’re seeing that in city revenues and more building activity in the city and that kind of thing,” said city economist Josh Harwood. But the budget office also warns that the city is more dependent than ever before on hotel and business tax revenue; it contributes more than a third of the roughly $500 million in the general fund. Those revenue sources are highly sensitive to market downturns.  Read more...

    Heritage Tree Committee names 2016 award winners

    1 May — A tight-knit group of mainly volunteers sat around a small stage celebrating Portland’s Arbor Day festivities at the South Park Blocks and the crowd of 75-or-so applauded loudly as Portland’s Catherine Mushel received the 2016 Maynard Drawson Memorial Award. This year, the second since the award's 2014 inception, the Oregon Heritage Tree Committee and Oregon Travel Experience decided to hand out two awards — one for an individual, Mushel, and the second honoring a group, the Albina Neighborhood Tree Team. Initially, the award was given to an Oregonian who performs “exceptional and sustained efforts to promote the value of our state’s trees, and who educates the public about notable trees or groves,” according to an Oregon Travel Experience press release.  Read more...

    Booming sports companies look to fill hundreds of jobs

    1 May — From Adidas North America's headquarters in North Portland to Under Armour's new digs at the old YMCA on Southwest Barbur Boulevard to Nike's mushrooming Beaverton campus, Oregon's athletic footwear and apparel companies are in frantic expansion mode. While Intel's planned downsizing has raised questions about the longevity of Oregon's economic boom, the sports and outdoors companies are scrambling to hire new employees by the hundreds. Predictably, Nike, the great white whale of the industry, is spouting the most ambitious plans.  Read more...

    Police cameras on power poles: Illegal 'unblinking eyes' or smart tricks of the trade?

    1 May — Portland police Detective Travis Fields suspected two auto shops in North Portland were paying cash for stolen cars and crushing them to sell for scrap metal, but he needed more evidence. Fields asked an officer in the Drugs and Vice Division to plant video cameras on a utility pole across the street from the North Columbia Boulevard businesses to monitor what was going on. Officer Christopher Watts ended up helping arrange for the installation of six cameras trained at the two businesses, three related homes and a residential street. They recorded 24 hours a day, seven days a week, supplying more than 6,000 hours of video from Sept. 3, 2013, through April 2014. The images helped police identify 110 stolen cars taken to the two businesses.  Read more...

    This is not your parents’ parks & recreation district

    1 May — For those who live in Portland and for those to come to visit, everyone seems to agree that during summertime the city is a kind of playground for adults. But what about kids? What is there to do for children who are as young as five years old? What fun, safe activities are there that will keep 16-year-old’s busy—and happy? For those families that live within the Beaverton area’s Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District (THPRD), the answer is lots. The Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District is the largest of its kind in the state of Oregon, serving 240,000 area residents. The district’s service area covers 50 square miles, and there are 95 park sites with active recreational amenities – including 70 miles of trails, eight swim centers, six recreation centers, and 1,500 acres of natural areas – scattered throughout its bounds.  Read more...

    Portland tops national list for cities with the best breweries

    29 April — Few things compare to the indulgence of a titillatingly complex, savory and frothy beer poured graciously from the tap. Sure, the recent merger of Anheuser-Busch InBev and SABMiller means about a third of the world's beer is mass produced. However, their generic formulas leave much to be desired when compared to the elixirs generated by an aggressively growing craft brewery scene. According to Brewers Association, mid-year domestic craft beer production reached 12.2 million barrels in the first half of 2015 — representing a 16 percent year-over-year rise in production. Despite the acquisition of once-craft breweries like Goose Island Beer Co. by the AB-InBev enterprise, the number of small-business lager lines is growing. We're on the cusp of outdoing the country's 1873 record of 4,131 open breweries, according to USA Today.  Read more...