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    Steal these design ideas: Street of Dreams

    3 August 2015 — There are a million design ideas on the 2015 NW Natural Street of Dreams. And they are yours to take home if they tempt you. Are you interested in replacing an aging sliding door to the backyard? Check out glass panels that fold away completely to open the inside to outdoor spaces. Remodeling the kitchen? Pull out the drawers, walk into pantries and snap photos of backsplash tiles at these nine custom houses. Finding suppliers, from wine coolers to farmhouse sinks, is easy. Just ask or check the credits. Thinking about aging in place? Study the spa-like master bathrooms with walk-in showers that don't have risky curbs. Or do you want to invite more family members to live with you? Look how two master suites grant privacy with separate entrances and patios. Maybe different types of staircases are conversation starters for you. Walk up and down these unique treads, from traditional wood to modern floating ones, linking two to four levels of these pricy residences. You have until Aug. 30 to explore the Street of Dreams.  Read more…

    Homes on the market longer than a year: What's up?

    2 August 2015 — You list your home for sale and you wait. Each minute is an eternity. Each day endless pacing. A week? What's wrong with this house? Oh, how real estate shows have warped our time frame. What we don't see on those flipping shows are how many deals fall through. Selling and buying property is already stressful, emotional and a big financial transaction for clients, says one broker. Why add to the drama with fiction? Most agents will tell you that the average $1 million or more property for sale in Multnomah County lingers on the market for four months. Sorry, Washington County, but your mansions hovered for 252 days, double time.  Read more…

    A slack lifeline for drowning homeowners

     2 August 2015 — After Lucy Circe became disabled and could no longer work, she applied to Bank of America for a mortgage loan modification on her Vermont home. Over more than two years, starting in 2012, the bank repeatedly requested copies of documents that had already been provided, asked for proof that she was no longer married to a man she did not even know, and made other errors, like asking why Ms. Circe had indicated that she didn’t want to keep her property when she had actually told the bank she did. None of it made sense. But a disturbing report on the federal government’s Home Affordable Modification Program issued on Wednesday suggests that Ms. Circe’s experience was anything but unique.  Read more…


    Producers seek solution for Portland's shipping crisis

    4 August 2015 — After union disputes led two international shipping companies to quit the Port of Portland, nearly all of the region’s imports and exports now must go through ports in Seattle and Tacoma — often at great cost to producers and consumers alike. “Right now that’s an existential threat,” said Peter Friedmann, executive director of the Agriculture Transportation Coalition, on OPB’s daily talk show, Think Out Loud, Monday. Friedmann has been working with Business Oregon and producers statewide to target new ways to keep trade alive. As a mediator, he’s held a series of workshops to brainstorm potential solutions throughout the summer. “The difficulty is there’s nothing that we produce in Oregon that cannot be sourced somewhere else in the world,” said Friedmann. If Oregon farmers can’t get their almonds, hay and filberts to global markets in a competitive, dependable, timely and affordable manner, those markets will start to look elsewhere.  Read more…

    The future of college? Portland sees growth in alternative higher education models

    4 August 2015 — Caitlyn McCucheon was three years into an athletic training program at Concordia University when she started actually spending time as an athletic trainer. “It was pretty much sitting around doing things I wasn’t expecting,” McCucheon says. “I thought it was going to be active.” She decided to change her major for her senior year, leading to a fifth year at the private university and three years wasted on a different path. “I know I’m passionate in helping, but I don’t know what I want to do,” McCucheon says. That’s why she is now interning with Wayfinding Academy, an initiative attracting talent from across Portland to build a new kind of higher education.  Read more…

    Two brothers take 21st century Oregon trail journey

    4 August 2015 —One of the largest over-land migrations in history ended right here in Portland. Nearly 500,000 people rode and walked over 2,000 miles on the Oregon Trail in the 15 years before the Civil War. Though parts of the trail have been preserved, others have been lost to the pressures of ranching, suburban developments and freeways. In 2010, author Rinker Buck left his job and bought a covered wagon and mules. Along with his brother, Buck rode from St. Joseph, Missouri, to Baker City. They were the first people to ride the Oregon Trail in more than a decade. OPB’s daily talk show, Think Out Loud, spoke with Buck about his journey.  Read more…

    Oregon takes a leading role in national tech scene

    4 August 2015 — Last week, I was in Kansas City for the Technology Councils of North America Annual Summer Conference and a meeting of its board of directors. So what is TECNA and how is it relevant to Oregon? TECNA is a grass roots network of regional, independent technology and entrepreneurship associations. The group has more than 50 members spread throughout the U.S. and Canada, with two members in Europe. Collectively, TECNA’s members represent more than 20,000 technology companies and 1 million technology professionals. On July 31, I began a two-year term as chairman of TECNA’s Board of Directors, which means the spotlight on Oregon as a center of technology and innovation is a little brighter. Plus, every major technology market throughout the U.S. and Canada will be sending representatives to Portland next July, when the Technology Association of Oregon hosts the 2016 TECNA Summer Conference.  Read more…

    How Hurricane Katrina turned pets into people

    4 August 2015 — It was late morning on Aug. 29, 2005, and William Morgan’s home was rapidly filling with water. Hurricane Katrina, one of the deadliest storms in U.S. history, lashed his New Orleans neighborhood with 100-mile-an-hour gales and torrents of rain, while water poured into the city via shattered levees. Morgan, a veteran in his early seventies who had lost both legs to diabetes, was swept from his wheelchair. He dove under the deluge and broke through a window to escape, pulling his 1-year-old apricot-colored poodle, Morgan LaFaye, along with him. When they surfaced outside, he pushed the dog onto his roof and held onto a nearby tree for 14 hours, the wind and rain pummeling his body as the flood threatened to sweep him away. Coast Guard rescuers eventually arrived and threw him a rope, but they would not take “Miss Morgan.”   Read more…

    Oregon already on the path to meet Obama's new clean power goals

    4 August 2015 — Depending on where you live and who you listen to, the Clean Power Plan unveiled by President Obama Monday is either the most significant action on climate change ever undertaken or an economic disaster that will face a tsunami of legal challenges. In Oregon, it may be more business as usual. Nationwide, the rules will force overall reductions of carbon dioxide emissions from existing power plants of 32 percent below 2005 levels by 2030. Each state has an individual target based on its existing emissions profile, and is required to submit a plan to achieve that target. Oregon's goal under the plan equates to a 20 percent reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.  That's far less stringent than the 48 percent reduction contemplated in last year's draft rules. The goals apparently changed based on feedback Oregon officials provided after the draft rules were circulated in 2014.  Read more…