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Welcome to our website about the Portland, Oregon, metropolitan area. It’s our way of helping you become acquainted with the neighborhoods and communities of the Portland metro area and to inform you about the Portland area housing market. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome. 

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A family home gets a second story, doubles the space

23 August — The Sorcinelli family was happily living in a 1949 bungalow squeezed onto a small lot in Southeast Portland. They made improvements, replaced the windows and remodeled the living room and fireplace. Then Dan and Jenni Sorcinelli learned their young daughter was going to become a big sister, and suddenly their single-level home seemed too small. Their solution: Instead of looking around at other properties, they looked up. By adding a second story, they were able to doubled their living space without giving up what they love about their home, neighborhood and nearby schools. With a keen design team, they were also able to keep much of the bungalow’s original floor plan intact.  Read more…

For Street of Dreams builder, honoring military veterans is top priority

22 August — The idea came one morning by simply sitting down for coffee at the kitchen table. The owner of Westlake Development Group LLC, Gerald Rowlett — a local custom home builder in the Portland Metro Area — has long supported the idea of giving back to the community, however, it intensified on that morning five years ago. Across the table, sat a young United States Marine Corps Veteran, who just returned home from Iraq. The Marine was a long-time friend of his daughter, who invited him to stay in their home because he had nowhere else to go.  Read more…

Neighborhood festival includes density protest

22 August — Dozens of Southwest Portland neighborhood activist protested the City Council’s proposal to increase residential zoning in single-family neighborhoods during the annual Multnomah Days neighborhood festival Saturday. “All single family residential lots [are] going to be open for multiplexes,” said Carol McCarthy, chair of the Multnomah Neighborhood Association. “You wake up in the morning and there’s going to be a multiplex going up next to where there was a single family home and there’s nothing you’ll be able to do about it.” They carried signs saying “Stop Rezoning” that had been produced in the neighborhood.  Read more…

Nightmare on main street

22 August — What are the most dysfunctional parts of the global financial system? China’s banking industry, you might say, with its great wall of bad debts and state-sponsored cronyism. Or the euro zone’s taped-together single currency, which stretches across 19 different countries, each with its own debts and frail financial firms. Both are worrying. But if sheer size is your yardstick, nothing beats America’s housing market. It is the world’s largest asset class, worth $26 trillion, more than America’s stock market.  Read more…


Oregon collects $25.5 million in marijuana taxes since start of the year

23 August — Oregon medical marijuana dispensaries have sold an estimated $102 million in recreational cannabis since January, when the state imposed a 25 percent sales tax on pot. The state has collected about $25.5 million in marijuana taxes in the first six months of the year and is on track to meet state economists’ projections. The latest tax figures, released Monday by the Oregon Department of Revenue, include the start of marijuana-infused edibles sales. The products include a wide variety of snacks, sweets and drinks and were available to anyone 21 and older starting in June.  Read more… 

International Night Market a big draw

23 August — The Jade District International Night Market is an annual celebration of food, entertainment and community organizing sponsored by the Jade District, a coalition of community entities near Southeast 82nd Avenue and Division Street. This is the market’s third year, and in 2016, it is large enough to be held on two successive Saturdays, from 5-10 p.m. Aug. 20 and 27. It draws about 10,000 people each evening.  Read more… 

‘Historical’ plan divides Eastmoreland

23 August — The Eastmoreland Neighborhood Association (ENA) Land Use Committee is proposing to have a large area of that neighborhood be designated an official “Historical District”. This idea doesn’t set well with some neighborhood residents, who have banded together under the banner of “Keep Eastmoreland Free”. “This is a continuation of what we’ve attempted to do over a period of years,” said ENA’s immediate Past President Robert McCullough, now the organization’s Treasurer, after an executive committee reshuffling at a special board meeting on July 19.  Read more… 

Radar, newly spun out from ID Experts, raises $6.2 million

23 August — As Tigard-based ID Experts took on new ownership this month, it also spun out a new business: Radar. The new company is formally launching this week with 30 employees in its downtown Portland headquarters and $6.2 million in funding, backed by some of ID Experts’ prior investors. Like ID Experts, Radar helps clients guard against privacy breaches. It also helps organizations ensure that they are complying with government regulations and whether online security breaches require that they notify government authorities.   Read more… 

$5.9M Pearl District pedestrian/bike bridge gets the go-ahead

22 August — Pedestrians and bicyclists traversing between Nob Hill and the Pearl District will get a bridge of their own. The Oregon Transportation Commission announced Friday it will provide $2.8 million of funding for a $5.9 million pedestrian and bike bridge. The structure, at Northwest Flanders Street between Northwest 15th and 16th avenues, could provide a safer expanse over Interstate 405. The Portland Bureau of Transportation will provide the balance of the funding. The state funds come through the ConnectOregon program. The 250-foot, 24-foot wide bridge will offer no lanes for cars or public transit. Each side of the bridge will be reserved for walkers while cyclists are to use the inside lanes.  Read more…   

Council denies development proposal at Upper Midhill Drive

22 August — At least for the time being, there will be no new subdivision at 18000 Upper Midhill Drive. The West Linn City Council voted 4-1 Monday, Aug. 15, to deny the applicant’s appeal and uphold the Planning Commission’s original decision to prohibit the 34-lot subdivision that is also known as the Chene Blanc Subdivision. Ultimately, the Council found that the surrounding infrastructure in the area simply wasn’t suitable to absorb such a substantial development — thus creating a safety issue.  Read more…

Farmer’s Almanac calls for wet winter and it can’t come soon enough

22 August — The Farmer’s Almanac just came out with its winter outlook for 2016-17 and, while it doesn’t call for particularly cold temperatures, it does forecast a “mild and stormy” winter season for the Pacific Northwest. For those of you who moved here within the last several months, the blast furnace that you’re currently experiencing is not the norm. Much of the year is spent under a delightful drizzly fog. Every once in awhile, if you’re lucky, you might even see a blanket of snow cover the streets of Portland. Read more…