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    Stripped to the studs: Is it still John Yeon's famous Shaw House? See for yourself on the Street of Dreams

    31 July 2015 — You're in for a surprise at this year's Street of Dreams tour in Lake Oswego: The highlight is not a new mansion with vaulted ceilings and wrought iron-wrapped balconies. It's the famous midcentury modern Shaw House designed by legendary architect John Yeon. And, knowing that, if you're expecting to walk into a time capsule, you're in for another surprise. This Northwest Regional Style classic, the only suburban "Palace Style" house in existence, has a light-filled, pavilion feel that is as crisply contemporary as it must have felt when the doors first opened 60 years ago. One reason: The house has been seriously altered over the decades to suit the needs of owners. But there is a bigger reason: Yeon's original avant-garde design, some of which has been replicated in a just-finished, stripped-to-the-studs remodel. When it was originally completed, the blue-paneled house with a white cornice sat amid a grove of trees on eight acres. It was a fine example of Yeon's goals of sustainable building and sensitive use of land. He said the house "rides like a ship in the welling meadow of its site."  Read more…

    Big South Waterfront project to mix low-income, market-rate apartments

    31 July 2015 — Portland city officials have chosen a Bay area affordable-housing specialist to own and run a 365-unit mixed-income apartment project in the South Waterfront community. The $93 million development is expected to bring 203 units of new affordable housing plus 162 market-rate units on the city's 2-acre parcel at 2095 S.W. River Parkway. San Francisco-based Bridge Housing Corp., which specializes in affordable housing, will team with Portland developer Williams & Dame on the project. They were one of three groups vying to buy the land from the Portland Development Commission and build the project. Apartments will be built atop 30,000 square feet of ground-floor retail space and include 238 parking stalls.  Read more…

    Are home prices again breaking records? Not really

    31 July 2015 — The National Association of Realtors‘ monthly home sales report made a big splash last week with news that median home prices in June had broken the record set in 2006 at the peak of the housing bubble, reaching a nominal high of $236,400. Does this mean we have another problem on our hands? Not really. Median home prices—that is, the midpoint of sales, where half of homes sell above and half sell below the given price—can be a very clumsy gauge for comparing prices over time. First, median prices aren’t typically adjusted for inflation. All else equal, median home prices should set “new records” every summer as long as there is inflation.  Read more…


    Greenpeace protesters claim symbolic victory as Shell Oil ship leaves Portland

    31 July 2015 — Just before 6 p.m. Thursday, the controversial icebreaker MSV Fennica threaded through a hole cut by law enforcement in the wall of protesters suspended from the St. Johns Bridge. For Royal Dutch Shell, the company that will use the ship in oil-drilling operations in the Arctic, the exit marked the end of a week of protests on the Portland bridge and outside the Swan Island dry dock where a gash in the ship's hull was repaired. For the 13 Greenpeace USA activists on the bridge and dozens of others in kayaks and canoes on the Willamette River, it marked a disappointing end to a high-risk, high-reward protest.  Read more…

    Novick on crusade to reset alarm clocks for sleepy teens

    31 July 2015 — Portland City Commissioner Steve Novick was looking for an excuse to talk about teen sleep. For years, he had seen studies linking lack of sleep, especially in teenagers, to poor school performance, obesity and after-school crime. But it wasn’t until he saw a November 2014 New York Times article on a study from the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine that he felt he had an “in.” The study looked at two similar counties in Virginia and found that the county with an 8:45 a.m. high school start time had lower crash rates among 16- to 18-year-olds than the county with a 7:20 a.m. start time. “That made me think: ‘OK, I’m the transportation commissioner, I have a real excuse to talk to people about this issue,’ ” Novick says. The city recently adopted the Vision Zero plan to eliminate traffic deaths. He had earlier chatted up Portland Public Schools Superintendent Carole Smith about the issue.  Read more…

    Grow these 12 plants to attract butterflies, bees and hummingbirds

    31 July 2015 — Ever wondered how to attract more bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds to your garden? Is there a type of pollinator that you'd like to draw to your yard? Perhaps to help your plants flourish, or simply out of a desire to see these stunning and vital creatures fluttering and buzzing with activity? Here is a list of 12 plants that are known to attract pollinators, along with the pollinators they attract, provided by Gail Langellotto, associate professor of horticulture at Oregon State University.  Read more…

    Slideshow: 12 things Portlanders love to hate

    31 July 2015 —Just as hipsters often don't realize they're hipsters, many people don't realize how much they love to hate. Loving to hate could be considered the root cause of violence, racism, sexism and the like, but it's also another way to describe the undeniable relief that complaining about petty everyday annoyances can bring. Everybody is guilty of it. Portland's sometimes peculiar and unconventional culture presents its residents with a unique set of everyday annoyances. We spend the majority of the year buried under rain clouds praying for the sun to shine, until July days reach 97 degrees and we scurry into the shadows.  Read more…

    Are you as hot as your neighbor? Check your zip code

    31 July 2015 — The Portland Water Bureau and the Regional Water Providers Consortium publish a weekly watering number, a measure of how much water your outdoor plants need as determined by actual weather conditions in your zip code. Are you as hot as your neighbor? Sign up to receive an email with Weekly Watering Numbers and see. The Consortium's Weekly Watering Number is derived from weather data from National weather service sites at airports in Vancouver, Aurora, Hillsboro and Troutdale. The data from these sites and additional data from around the Portland Metro area inform the four quadrant's weekly watering numbers.  Read more…

    Trolley Trail offers a woodsy museum for all

    30 July 2015 — Normally, a new mass transit line is hardly a reason for artists to get excited. TriMet’s new Orange Line may be the exception. Art lovers won’t want to miss the final “Transit on Tap” event before the grand opening of Tilikum Crossing and Portland-Milwaukie Orange Line on Sept. 12. Like other topics in the series, “Art for Everyone” will be served with a beer or glass of wine. Public art at each of the 10 new light rail stations along the new Orange Line will be discussed. People also can head out to see some of the new art on foot at a different event.  Read more… 

    Thousands aren't paying Portland's arts tax, audit finds

    30 July 2015 — Three years after the first arts tax payments arrived in the mail, nearly 200,000 Portlanders either haven't paid their first bill or filed paperwork claiming they are exempt from paying the $35 tax, according to a city audit released Tuesday. Administrative costs are also higher than projected and expected to stay that way, according to auditors, who looked at the $35 income tax approved by voters in 2012 to pay for arts teachers and programs. he tax applies to Portland residents who are at least 18 and have at least $1,000 in annual income. Federal and state benefits, such as Social Security and Oregon's public pension system, don't qualify as taxable income. The compliance rate was roughly 72 percent for the 2012 tax year, far below the 85 percent originally estimated.  Read more…

    Portland's Washington Park has been evolving, growing since 1871

    30 July 2015 — Today, we know it as Washington Park. It is one of Portland's true gems. Folded into the tree-filled rolling hills on Portland's west side, it is huge, diverse and beautiful. It's home to the International Rose Test Garden, the Oregon Holocaust Memorial, and the Japanese Garden. It's served by a narrow-gauge railroad, and a MAX light-rail line station. It has tennis courts, an archery range, a soccer field, an accessible playground and abundant charms. t plays host to concerts and bicycle races and contains numerous significant statues, including one of Sacagawea, who was a guide and interpreter for Lewis & Clark during the Corps of Discovery from 1804 to 1806.  Read more…