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    10 trees that deliver fiery fall foliage

    7 October 2015 — When trees get dressed with the colors of fall, it's time to go shopping. "If you're specifically interested in fall color, it will soon be the time to start looking," said Neil Bell, a horticulturist with Oregon State University's Extension Service. "There are already some trees starting to display color." First, though, Bell recommends doing some research. Walk around neighborhoods, parks and public gardens to get ideas.  If you can't identify the trees you like, snap good photos, pick up several leaves or ask the owner for a cutting. Take them to the nursery or to your local OSU Extension office for identification. You can also cut out pictures from magazines and flip through garden books to find possibilities. But wait, you're not done. After filtering down your favorites, be absolutely sure about size, soil and sun requirements, Bell said. You don't want to be stuck with a 60-foot tree where a 30-foot tree should have gone. "The biggest problem people have," he said, "is that a tree gets too large, and then they are forced to prune just to reduce the size of the tree, which can often look horrible. I see it all the time."  Read more…

    Case-Shiller:  Home prices continue to rise in Portland, other major cities

    7 October 2015 — U.S. home prices rose at a solid pace in July, as would-be buyers competed for a diminished supply of available housing. The Standard & Poor's/Case-Shiller 20-city home price index climbed 5 percent in July from a year earlier. That's up from a 4.9 percent annual pace in June. Home prices rose in all 20 cities over the past 12 months. San Francisco posted the biggest gain of 10.4 percent, followed by Denver with 10.3 percent. Portland came in at 8.5 percent. Steady job growth and an economic recovery in its seventh year have encouraged more Americans to buy homes. That lifted sales to an eight-year high in July. Yet those buyers have bid up prices in many areas because the number of homes for sale remains limited. The current housing inventory is equal to 5.2 months of sales, below the six months that is typical in a balanced housing market.  Read more…

    How tasteless suburbs became beloved urban neighborhoods

    7 October 2015 — The same bungalows that some now see as charming appeared tacky to the people who watched them get built up. All around the country, people in communities of many ages—from colonial Boston to postwar Minneapolis—tell similar, virtuous narratives about how their neighborhoods were built. These narratives, in turn, set powerful assumptions about what an affordable, friendly neighborhood can and should look like. Recently, a columnist in Seattle Magazine laid out his version of the story as he argued that housing just isn't what it used to be. “In a rapidly growing city where the haves have more and the have-nots are being squeezed out, the bungalows offer a lesson we ought to relearn,” he wrote, adding that those early 20th century bungalows “reflect a lack of materialism, housing built not for profit, but for living in.” He wanted his city “to find a way to get back to those values.”  Read more…


    Kicker calculator: Now how much will you get back? 

    7 October 2015 — We rolled out a kicker calculator in late August after state officials announced that Oregon's unique kicker tax rebate would be triggered. Then on Tuesday, officials confirmed the kicker but slightly revised the percentage of the rebate from 5.8 percent to 5.6 percent. It's not a huge drop. The change will reduce the median rebate, for example, by less than $4.50 to just under $120. Still, online specialist Mark Friesen of The Oregonian/OregonLive Data Team revised our calculator so you can figure out your new rebate.  Read more…

    Church of Portland plans major expansion in Milwaukie area

    7 October 2015 — The Church of Portland, based on Southeast Johnson Road just east of Milwaukie city limits, is building a 12,000-square-foot structure that will hold up to 300 people in its main worship area. During special events, the Christian church will host members, which they call saints, from sister churches in Eugene, Roseburg and other parts of the region. The 10,000-square-foot main level will include a nursery, classrooms and offices; 2,000 square feet in the second story is set aside for activities.  Read more…

    How an Atlanta company's looking to improve a Portland Superfund site

    7 October 2015 — An Atlanta timber management company announced this summer it is restoring and preserving a bevy of natural habitats nationwide. One of them, the Alder Creek Restoration Project, looks to improve 52 acres in Portland. Essentially, the project will create shallow waterways that would provide a habitat for young salmon and birds.  Read more…

    The recruit

    7 October 2015 — Portland Public Schools hired Erica Jones to solve a problem. In less than a year, the school district decided she was the problem. Jones, 29, moved to Portland from Atlanta one year ago to teach third and fourth grade in the Portland Public Schools. The 2008 graduate of Spelman College was a catch for PPS: She was young, enthusiastic and, unlike most of the district's teachers, black. She lasted just eight months. On April 21, 2015, the district put Jones on paid administrative leave—in effect firing her. What happened to Jones during her brief stint at North Portland's Peninsula K-8 School isn't a simple story. It's messy, and there may never be a full picture of what took place. The district, citing employee privacy laws, declined to discuss Jones' case. Peninsula's principal, Silvia Asson, also declined to be interviewed.  Read more…

    Building on its success, Portland's Clinicient looks to hire a slew of workers

    7 October 2015 — Portland software maker Clinicient makes tools used by outpatient and rehabilitation centers to manage billing and other processes. Come next year, it's set to do much more than that. The company is laying the groundwork to start entering the in-patient market. It could even offer products in such specialties as anesthesiology, said CEO Rick Jung. To do this, the company has 19 open positions listed on its website. Clinicient wants to find people with expertise in different areas of the health care continuum. “We are looking for domain experts in health care and population health management,” Jung said. “We are still in rehabilitation and branching out is just getting underway and will kickoff in the first quarter. We are seeding the team for that now.”   Read more…

    Ballot measures to eliminate coal power, raise renewables to 50% filed in Oregon

    7 October 2015 — Oregon could be the first state in the nation to publicly vote to require the state’s largest utilities to eliminate power generated by coal-fired facilities. Renewable energy advocacy group Renew Oregon filed a pair of ballot measures yesterday with the secretary of state’s office that, if passed, would require the state’s largest utilities to transition off of coal-fired electricity by 2030. The measures would also require an increase of the state’s use of renewable energy to 50 percent by 2040. The group still needs to gather 1,000 signatures for each measure to take the next step towards the November 2016 ballot. The current threshold to put a measure that would change a statutory rule up for a vote is 88,184 valid signatures.  Read more…

    Three Portland restaurants you should try

    7 October 2015 — Who needs secret menus in Portland? Limited editions rule. Want the city’s best soup? HA & VL serves two recipes a day, and they’re gone by noon! Expatriate’s awesome Thai nachos come with restricted hours. Now, from the talented Nomad.PDX, which typically serves only 15-to-20-course tasting menus, we have our first playful, modernist à la carte menu (in case you just want, say, savory padron pepper ice cream with “butter soil,” and nothing else). The catch? The new menu is available ... 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. on Sunday nights only (for now). Buck up, coffee up, and damn the limitations: this is some of the most exciting food in the city right nowAbove Shift Drinks, 1200 SW Morrison St, nomadpdx.com   Read more…